Adi Yair
Designer/ Founder

Now available also at  Flyingsolo NYC



Fashion designer based in Jerusalem. Adi Yair has a degree in Fashion and Jewelry from the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design.

She weaves her fabrics by hand on a traditional loom that she uses in a nonstandard way to produce unfamiliar and unique materials. She has developed tools and techniques to create woven textures and printing interpretations that speak her own language.

The woven textile becomes one unit with existing fabric and is sewn in high quality by a private tailor.

Her work demonstrates a traditional technique and a contemporary style that together combine a balanced aesthetic of simplicity and sophistication.

Adi  explores the tension between art and fashion while maintaining the guiding values of balance, convenience and glamour.

Her target audience is women who love to dress up, appreciate quality and comfort, and are proud to be different.