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M.A Degree

Bezalel academy of art and design

Master's degree in the field of About design of an industrial design track


B.A Degree

Bezalel academy of art and design

Fashion and Jewelry Department graduated with high honors


my resume

September 2018
NY and Paris fashion week

A presentation at the New York Fashion Week and Paris's AW19 collection exploring my balance as a slow fashion creator in a world that is all oriented and active in mass production.

September  2017
London fashion week

Cooperating with London based designer “BOO PALA” Designing four pieces, presented in London Fashion Week SS18

January 2017
Alliance House Jerusalem

Operating and managing a designing  concept store in the artists and creators vibrant collective “Alliance House” Designing a new collection every season Overseeing the work of two apprentices

January 2016
The First Station

Operating boutique store of unique self-made loom-weaved clothing

March  2015
Jerusalem’s art and design week

Displaying the SS 2015 collection during Jerusalem’s art and design week

 November 2015
Fashion show 

Displaying the WF 2015 collection on one of the most popular television programs in Israel


Establishing the brand ADI YAIR

May 2022
The Museum For Islamic Art

Paisley - Curator of the contemporary section of the new textile exhibition at the Museum For Islamic Art. ​ The exhibition deals with the paisley motif and focuses on the dialogue between the traditional and contemporary as it looks at the evolution of the motif and its various manifestations in each culture.

July 2022
Kolben dance

Costume designing for the Jerusalem dance company “KolbenDance” for the show Agam 3.0 by the Choreographer Amir Kolben

Amitey Bezalel

Teaches grades 7, 8, and 9 at the Teddy Kolek High School in Pisgat Ze'ev, the skills and tools of textiles and fashion as part of the Bezalel Scholarship.

January-June 2021
White Fabric


Founder and Director of "White Fabric" - a social project for training youth and young women at risk in the field of fashion, with an emphasis on creative development and integration into labor markets and academic frameworks.

October 2019 - February 2020


A third-year teaching assistant in the jewelry and fashion department at Bezalel.

January 2017- November 2019
Aliance house

owner of a concept store in “Alians House”,  abandoned building located within the heart of the ״Mahne Yuda market״.  The space enables visitors an exclusive look into our work process and an opportunity to buy ours creations. 

January- March 2016
The first station

Establishes and runs a designer shop in the station complex in Jerusalem as part of an active co-operative in the city. The store provides a platform for a number of designers who change once a month and serve as my studio for weaving on a traditional loom.

2013 - 2016
Khan Theater

Props supervisor, hair & makeup assistant of a wide variety of plays from Israel and abroad

Preparatory Program

Lecturer and moderator, Preparing and teaching fashion, preparing them for art academies.

May 2015
Costumes Design

Costume designing for the Jerusalem dance company “KolbenDance”  by the Choreographer Amir Kolben

December 2012
Costumes Design Bergamo

Designing costumes for Italian opera, presented in Bergamo, Italy 

2010 - 2013
Aviva’s fashion boutique

Sales Manager and Strategist in Aviva’s fashion boutique in Jerusalem. 

June 2020
JLM Design Week

One Year acrpet

The work uses the tapestry's place as an abstract or figurative reading of cultural history, to document a significant year in my personal history. Obsessive documentation of the day-to-day parameters of my life, transformed in real-time into laborious weaving practices that create an infographic image of life.

May 2020
Rothschild Gallery


At work, I collect information from different audiences regarding clothing habits and fashion. I translate it through analogous means into a textile pattern.

The documenting textile is a changing material that is influenced by the participation of the audience. Measurement and documentation are used in it both as a process of creation, as a means of mapping and as a processed product. It allows me and the audience to dynamically and reflectively observe the recording of culture.

March 2020
Eretz Israel Museum


Exhibition at the Design and Arts Biennale at the Eretz Israel Museum in Tel Aviv. The installation deals with the connection between abstract material and real material.

July 2019
David Museum

The Arch

Center installation of the "Overall" fashion Festival at the Tower of David Museum in Jerusalem.

June 2019
Hansen House

This is not a carpet

Floor presentation using simulated weaving and projection mapping. Key presentation at International Design Week at Hansen House, Jerusalem.

December 2018
Alliance House

3 Stitches

Curated and presented at the Three Stitches Fashion exhibition at Alliance House. An exhibition about the transition from 2 dimensions to 3 dimensions in the mediums of sculpture in space, video, and clothing.

September 2017
Moscow, Russia

“Jerusalem Days in Moscow”

Took part in a Jerusalem artist delegation and presented her WF 2017 collection combined with items inspired specifically by Jerusalem

 June 2017
Munich, Germany


Opened a unique exhibition that combined weaving and photography. the exhibition combined a photographer and a fashion designer; two artists from different fields. We chose to reflect on our home, Jerusalem, from a different perspective. At the exhibition, we wove fabric into the photos to give the spectator a fictitious sense of reality.

July 2016
 Taipei, Taiwan

Israeli Design - Creative Roughness

Presented a unique, selective, and small collection for the exhibition.

 June 2015
Pilsen,  Czechoslovakia

 Jerusalem Days in Pilsen

Introduced a unique textile technique, Participated in a small delegation of Jerusalem artists where I presented my final project from Bezalel and performed a unique textual technique that I developed. The technique creates an alternative interpretation of a garment that integrates into post-modern artwork, based on a connection from two to three dimensions, using the fabric itself, without any external elements.


The finalists of the Israeli falling walls, for the development of the antiviral fabric mentioned above. It is a unique worldwide competition that connects science, business, and society. Within it, the future of humanity is shaped by impact-driven insights and discoveries to create breakthroughs across borders and disciplines.


First place in the "The Morning After" competition - Finding solutions to the Covid-19 pandemic. The project is about creating a collection of textile accessories made of antiviral fabrics for transportation vehicles. Link to the project video:


Winner of Israel State Lottery’s young designer contest, the prize included a financial grant for brand and collection development


winner of the Bezalel Academy Originality Award of “Aharon Dovrat”

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