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The carpet is an important part of the human symbolic world and serves as a means of transmitting information and messages by encrypting symbols and motifs. It is a tool that mediates for the spectator the place, the time, the culture, the language, and the mood in which it is woven.


it contains dimensions of the duration of the work and of the person who creates it and enables us to "read" the story of human action without words.


In my carpet, I selected the materials, the parameters that I documented in a textile way, and their presentation. This is what dictated the shape of the carpet and broke the rectangular, symmetrical and familiar format of the shifting dynamics of life and routine.


The recordings, made by analog means that routinely occur during my day.  I have constructed objects located in specific areas of the house that help me to convert information into textiles in real-time and in a simple way.  In this way, I could persist and integrate work as an integral part of my life.


It is a labor-intensive, chronological, and lasting work that acquires its value over time. I decided to frame the work for a year from 2021 to 2022. The year of the recovery from the COVID crisis, a dynamic and changing year and therefore interesting in terms of the textiles and behaviors that emerged. 


Photographer - Tomer Zmora


Behind the Scenes