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This Is Not A Carpet

This Is Not A Carpet-

The carpet - a weave of stories, constancy, form, and content. An element separating man from the ground. A medium of fiber, gobelin, textile, and material. A territorial, personal, and public space. A feminine Middle Eastern fabric.


The Israeli carpet has been transformed over the course of history from a form of work that provides livelihood for many families in Israel to a creative medium that transcends the boundaries and symbolism of the eastern carpet.


Adi Yair, a fashion designer who weaves her textiles by hand using a traditional loom, and Shlomit  “Mejadra eyes”, a video artist who breathes life into still object and materials by means of precise video mapping projections. have joined forces to create a carpet floor display that lies between the real and the imagined. The installation offers a demarcation of boundaries between East and West by mixing technique, representation, and outline.


The carpet is made using a mock weaving technique. Drawing from the traditional technique, a new one has been designed to imitate the action and visibility of the weaving. However, it is fundamentally different being it is ephemeral and can not be used again. On  the installation, the two project an additional dimension. present and absent simultaneously, which produces different meanings for a carpet which lacks a specific identity.


behind the project:

Press: portfolio magazine


Photographer - Tomer Zmora

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